Dog Training

Having been an owner of a very loving, but willful Springer Spaniel cross, I  spent most of my time pulling my hair out at his selected hearing and deciding everything was more interesting than me! He was a very loving dog and brought a huge amount of joy to our lives – see the first picture in the gallery!

Hindsight is a glorious thing and it’s now that I’ve decided to try and help others who are having the same experiences with their dogs as I did.  So after a lifetime with dogs and recently taking a variety of courses, (including Pet Dog Training Instructors course and Dog Addict dog training and behaviours courses) my son Eddie and I have decided to pass on what we have learnt by starting our own dog training company in Winchester. We are continually building on our knowledge by attending courses, seminars and workshops.

At Top Dog Training we use kind, safe and effective ways to train your dog with positive reinforcement. By this we mean using treats, toys and play to teach your dogs what we want from them and what behaviours are acceptable.

By breaking down individual commands we can start teaching your dog from a very basic level, and then as they learn we can move on to more challenging aspects until the desired results are achieved. Moving through the weeks, we will help you and your dog build a happy and rewarding partnership, resulting in a sense of achievement and a certificate!

With positive reinforcement we praise the good without punishment. If the dog does make a mistake it will usually be because they have not understood what we want from them.

This is why it is important to get the training right and keep it consistent. Dogs learn from repetition, if we are not consistent then mixed messages are given and confusion is the result.